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در این پست نام تمامی کتابهایی که در سایت قرار دادم را مشاهده می فرمایید. برای دانلود کتاب مورد نظرتون به لینکی که در قسمت لینک دوستان قرار داده شده مراجعه کنید.


A Basic Course in probability theory - S. Axler

A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods – Hoff

A Guide to Teaching Statistics - Hulsizer

a practical guied to Quality Management in clinical trial research - Ogg

A Probability Path – Resnick

Advanced Calculus With Applications In Statistics - 2nd – Khuri


advances in Data Analysis – Decker

All of Nonparametric statistics - Wasserman

An Introduction to Probability (volume 1) – Feller

An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling – 3rd – Taylor

Applied Bayesian Modeling and Causal Inference from Incomplete Data Perspectives - Andrew Gelman

Applied Bayesian Modelling - Congdon

Applied Linear Regression -3rd - Sanford Weisberg

Applied Linear Statistical Models - 5th - John Neter

Applied Logistic Regression - 2nd - Hosmer & Lemeshow

Applied Longitudinal Analysis - Ware

Applied Longitudinal Data - Twisk

Applied Mixed Models in medicine - 2nd - Helen Brown

Applied Regression Analysis -3rd - Draper & Smith

Basic Biostatistics for Geneticists and Epidemiologists – Johnson

BASIC STATISTICS - A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences - 4th - Dunn

Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods for Data Analysis - 2nd - Carlin

Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials –Berry

Bayesian Approaches To Clinical Trials And Health-Care Evaluation –Spiegelhalter

Bayesian Data Analysis - 2nd - Carlin

Bayesian Modeling in the Social Sciences - Jackman

Bayesian Modeling Using WinBUGS - Ioannis Ntzoufras

Bayesian Statistical Modelling - 2nd - Congdon

Bioinformatics For Dummies – Claverie

Biostatistical Methods - JOHN M. LACHIN

Biostatistical Methods in ephdemiology – NEWMAN

biostatistics A Methodology for the Health Sciences - 2nd – BELLE

Categorical Data Analysis - 2nd - Alen Agresti

Clinical Trials A Methodologic Perspective - 2nd – PIANTADOSI

Common Errors In Statistics (And How To Avoid Them) – Hardin

Competing Risks A Practical Perspective (2006)

Continuous Bivariate Distributions – Balakrishnan

Continuous Multivariate Distribution - 2nd – Samuel Kotz

Correlated Data Analysis – Verbeke

Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel Hierarchical Models –GELMAN

Data Analysis using the method of least squres – Wolberg

Data Monitoring in clinical trial - Lawrence M. Friedman

Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials - 2nd – Chow

Design and Analysis of Experiements - 2nd - Kempthorne

Design and Analysis of Experiments - Montgomeri - Solutions

Elementary Statistics

Empirical liklihood – Owen

Encyclopedia of Biostatistics - 2nd - Colton

Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences - 2nd - Kotz

Exploring Monte Carlo Methods – Dunn

Fundamentals of Clinical Trials - 4th – Furberg

Game Theory – Webb



Genetics Demystified

Genetics For Dummies

Handbook of Statistical Genetics – 3rd

Handbook on Analyzing Human Genetic Data Computational Approaches and Software - Shili Lin

How to Lie with Statistics

How to Tell the Liars from the Statisticians –Hook

Inroduction to Bayesian Statistics - 2nd - Bolstad


Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis - 2nd - Alen Agresti

Introduction To Mathematical Statistics_Solutions – Hogg

Introduction to Meta-Analysis – Michael Borenstein

Introduction to Probability Theory – Hoel

Introduction to stochastic processes – Hoel

INTRODUCTORY to biostatistics - CHAP T. LE

Linear and Generalized Linear Mixed Models and Their Applications – Jiang

linear mixed models for longitudinal data - Verbeke

Linear Models in Statistics – Rencher

Linear Statistical Inference and Its Application - 2nd – Rao

Logistic Regression -3rd - David G. Kleinbaum

Longitudinal Data Analysis - Fitzmaurice

Longitudinal Research with Latent Variables - Montfort

Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice – Gilks

Markov Chains - Gibbs Fields Monte Carlo Simulation & Queues

Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis – Lange

Mathematical Statistics - 2nd – Shao

Mathematical Statistics – Ferguson

Measure Theory and Probability Theory – Athreya

Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials – Whitehead

Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis - Ermer

Methods in Nonlinear Analysis - Chang

Methods of Multivariate Analysis - 2nd - Alvin C. Rencher

Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data - Verbeke

Monte Carlo & Quasi Monte Carlo Sampling - Christiane Lemieux

Monte Carlo Concepts Algorithms & Applications – Fishman

Monte Carlo Methods For Applied Scientists – Dimov

Monte Carlo Statistical Methods - 2nd – Robert

Multilevel Statistical Models - 4th - Goldstein

Philosophical Theories of Probability – Gillies

Principles of Mathematical Analysis -3rd – Rudin

Principles of Statistical Inference – Cox

Recursive Partitioning and Applications - 2nd - Zhang

Regression Analysis by Example - 4th - SAMPRIT CHATTEFUEE

Regression Methods in Biostatistics - Stephen C. Shiboski

Robust Statistics – Maronna

Sample Size Calculations in Clinical Research - 2nd – Chow

Sample Sizes for Clinical Trials – Julious

Sampling Algorithms - Yves Tille

Sampling Techniques – Cochran

Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis - 2nd – Berger

Statistical Design - George Casella

Statistical Dictionary (English to Persian)

Statistical Dictionary (Persian to English)

statistical distribution - 2nd – Evans

Statistical Inference – Casella

Statistical Issues in Drug Developments - 2nd - Stephen Senn

Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions -3rd - BRUCE LEVIN

Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis - 3rd - Lee

Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics - 2nd – Ewens

Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data - 2nd - Lawless

Statistics for Experimenters - 2nd – Box


Statistics In Genetics  Lecture Notes – ALMGREN

Survival Analysis - 3rd - Kleinbaum D.G

Survival analysis techniques for censored & truncated data - 2nd –Klein

tahlil bagha – Miller

Textbook of Clinical Trials –Machin

The Bayesian Choice - 2nd – Robert

The Coordinate-Free Approach to Linear Models - WICHURA

The Design of Experiments - Fisher

The Elements of Statistical Learning - 2nd - Hastie

The EM Algorithm and related Statistical Models - Wa tana be

The Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Genetics – Laird

Theory of Point Estimation -2nd - E.L.Lehmann, G.Casella


Sofwer Books

A Beginner's  Guide to R

A handbook of statistical analyses using R

An Introduction to R

Applied Statistical Genetics with R

Bayesian Computation With R - 2nd - Jim Albert

Data Analysis and Graphics Using R

Data Manipulation with R

Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R – Robert

Introduction to Probability Simulation & Gibbs Sampling with R

Introductory Statistics with R

mixed-effect model in S and S-PLUS

Modern Applied Statistics With S

Modern Applied Statistics with S

R - Lattice - Multivariate Data Visualization with R


R Manual to Accompany Categorical Data Analysis - 2nd - Laura A. Thompson


SAS 9.2 SQL Procedure Users Guide

SAS for mixed models


Software for Data Analysis Programming with R

R - Mousavi - Farsi

R - Mosalman - Farsi


Survival Analysis Using SAS

The R Book

TheRGuide - Owen

Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics

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